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Branded event marketing trailers for campaigns

Our event marketing trailers are the perfect way to take your brand on the road. They look great when set up in a large promotional space and are very welcoming with their open plan entrance for customers to stop when passing by to take a look and go inside. Trailers are the largest of the mobile marketing vehicles and are the perfect way to transport your mobile event to wherever you need to be in the country. Meaning that no matter where your target market are based, be that in a different city to your store or head office, you can easily bring a strong brand presence to a new city with a great experiential marketing campaign that will appeal to all with massive reach opportunities due to the flexibility of being able to stop off anywhere you like.

Event trailers can be used as a mobile showroom as the perfect way to exhibit products in a store environment anywhere in the UK. Customers can enter the trailer just as if it were a store and have the same great experience of real store quality service and whole product range, from anywhere in the country.Event Marketing Trailers

Using An Experiential Trailer In Business To Business Marketing

In terms of B2B contact, our mobile marketing trailers are a very professional option. They are very well presented and offer a massive amount of space, available to use as a formal meeting space, with large space to demonstrate your product offering or services. Or more simply, an area where potential clients can relax with a beverage and discuss the product with a member of the sales team.

Experiential Trailer

How Do Event Marketing Trailers Work?

Our event support trailers look just like your average truck when on the road, however once parked, they really do transform into a massive space for promotional activity to take place. The side panels of the trailer expand out at either side, to create a surface area up to three times larger than the truck itself. Some larger exhibition trailers even have the ability to open out into two separate wings on one side of the trailer, these double expanding trailers can have two rooms in. This would give the option for a showroom or store layout at the entrance to the trailer, and the opportunity for a private meeting room or storage room at the back.

Event Marketing Trailers

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