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Eden Mill’s Gin Experience in Debenhams – 1,250 Shifts of Unforgettable Tastings and Tales Over 40 Stores

Our task was to create the ultimate gin experience during the festive period in 40 Debenhams stores across the UK. The campaign aimed to promote Eden Mill gin through sampling, sales of freshly prepared drinks, and upselling the range of bottles and gift sets.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Bespoke Pop-Up Bars: Set up engaging pop-up bars inside Debenhams stores, offering a festive and immersive gin-tasting experience.
  2. Comprehensive Staff Training: Conducted dedicated training days covering payment processing, Eden Mill’s history, gin mixing techniques, and overall campaign objectives.
  3. Brand Storytelling: Emphasised the importance of staff acting as storytellers, educating customers on the Scottish heritage and uniqueness of Eden Mill gin.


  • Nationwide Campaign Rollout: Managed a month-long gin experience in various Debenhams locations, ensuring consistent execution and customer engagement.
  • 24/7 Office Support: Maintained an office open around the clock, including during the Christmas break, to address any client or store requests and manage in-store issues.
  • Extensive Staff Training and Management: Organised a bespoke training day for over 70 staff and managed a nationwide team throughout the campaign.
  • Licensed Staff Provision: Ensured the presence of a licensed staff member eligible to hold a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) as required by some stores.
  • Active Head Office Involvement: Had head office staff visit several stores to monitor and support the campaign’s progress.


The Eden Mill gin experience in Debenhams stores was a resounding success, offering customers a unique and festive encounter with the brand. The campaign’s focus on storytelling and customer education provided a deeper understanding and appreciation of Eden Mill’s Scottish heritage and gin products. The strategic deployment of well-trained staff, coupled with the appealing pop-up bar setup, significantly enhanced customer engagement and sales, making it a standout promotion during the festive season.


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