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We were tasked with creating the ultimate gin experience over the festive period in 40 Debenhams stores over the UK, promoting Eden Mill gin through sampling, sales of freshly prepared drinks with mixers on-site, and upselling the whole range of bottles and gift sets available to purchase.

Campaign Details

Our teams of staff worked from bespoke pop-up bars inside Debenhams stores all over the country. The campaign ran throughout the whole of December, with 1,250 live shifts worked in total.EXECUTIONAL set up a number of dedicated training days before the job, where staff were trained on taking payments, the history of Eden Mill, how to mix different gin products, and all other aspects of the campaign. Throughout this campaign, EXECUTIONAL were on hand to help with any eventuality, with staff in the office 24/7 to assist with any in-store issues, liaising with staff, the Eden Mill client and Debenhams directly as well as any other third parties necessary to ensure the campaign ran smoothly.

Staff worked between 8-14 hours per day to ensure the pop-up bar was open in line with Debenhams opening times. As well as serving drinks and driving sales, a key requirement from the client was that our staff acted as storytellers. Our staff spent lots of time explaining the brand to each customer and ensuring they left with a wealth of knowledge on the Scottish heritage of the drinks they’d purchased.

What We Did

  • Organised a month-long gin experience in Debenhams stores over the country.
  • Office open 24/7 with HO staff on hand at all hours, including the Christmas break to aid with any client or store requests.
  • Bespoke training day including space used at EXECUTIONAL HQ, training deck, transport and hotels for over 70 staff who came to Leeds from all over the country.
  • Management of a nationwide team of over 70 staff 7 days a week for 1 month.
  • Provision of licensed staff member eligible to hold a TENS agreement in conjunction with the requirements of some Debenhams stores.
  • Presence of head office staff visiting a number of stores throughout the month