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Sampling In Train Stations

Transform rush hour into prime brand exposure with EXECUTIONAL’s train station product sampling

Train station product sampling is one of the most traditional product sampling locations. Sampling your product to commuters during busy rush hour periods can produce massive brand awareness, word-of-mouth recommendations and sales uplifts.

How To Sample Products In Train Stations…

Train station sampling can be performed in a variety of ways. Internal train station sampling can be from a fixed promotional stand area or using branded roaming sampling teams. Alternatively, you may use tactical product sampling to sample commuters as they leave the station.

What we do…

Choose Train Stations On Footfall & Location
Organise Permissions And Administration
Supply Experienced Product Sampling Teams Overseen By Team Leaders
Organisation Of Promotional Stands And Branded Clothing
All Logistical Considerations
Detailed On-line Activity Reports
No Hidden Costs Or Inflated Management Fees

🚉 Planning Train Station Product Sampling

Sampling products inside of the train stations requires official permission and administration that EXECUTIONAL are used to handling. The advantage is that you are inside the station and can engage with commuters who may be waiting within the main concourse area. This increased dwell time can increase engagement and brand awareness and give a wider choice to the products that can be sampled.

It is common to setup promotional stands where both hot and cold products can be sampled. Remembering that the products to be sampled must be approved by each station where you are sampling. Alternatively you could target commuters leaving the station, you can read more about our tactical product sampling here.

📍Implementing Sampling In Train Stations

Once the train stations have been chosen, EXECUTIONAL will organise and schedule the sampling activity to happen either inside or outside of the station. Product sampling staff will be chosen and will either attend central training days or receive telephone based training.

We will take delivery of all of your sampling stock and our event managers transport all stock and materials to each train station location. They will then setup all of their local promotional staff and continually manage the stock and materials. Once the sampling activity is completed all staff go on to complete daily activity evaluation reports.

📋 Reporting On Your Train Station Product Sampling

Your account manager will discuss the best strategy for reporting on your product sampling. Offering private on-line activity reporting blogs of detailed data matrix portals we will have a reporting solution matched to your needs.

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