Budweiser Pride In London
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Providing staff, implementation, logistics, on site head office presence, event manager and a number of team leaders and brand ambassadors to represent Budweiser at London Pride 2019.

Campaign Overview

Budweiser set out to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community at London Pride 2019 as an event sponsor. They supplied bars with drinks on the day, as well as distributing 65,000 branded reusable cups. The cups represented each of the LGBTQ+ identities, with the aim of giving event attendees a keepsake to take away with them, and also encouraging them to use the same cup for the rest of the day using it to get refills when they returned to the bar.  We provided over 70 staff members on the day to work in 6 different locations in Central London at the pride event. Staff were manning stalls and stations, sampling cups under gazebos from branded sampling bins provided by EXECUTIONAL. We provided an on-site head office member of staff to oversee the event, as well as an event manager, 6 team leaders each with their own team of brand ambassadors, and a large team of staff dedicated to recycling the cups and putting them in designated bins situated throughout the event.

EXECUTIONAL managed all pre-event logistics including storage of stock, on-site deliveries working within tight vehicle access timelines, provided recycle bins and waste disposal, management of all staff both at the event and at head office level on the live day as well as professional video footage of the promotion and bespoke post-event report.

What We Did

  • The arrangement of all event logistics including storage, transport and delivery of chilled samples.
  • Management of samples and waste disposal.
  • Fully branded sampling bins.
  • Branded recycling bins.
  • On-site head office presence, event manager and a number of team leaders controlling all aspects of the events on live days including team, set up and logistics.
  • Distribution of 65k samples on the day.
  • 24/7 management outside of the live hours.
  • Professional video footage.
  • Bespoke event report.