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30,000 Samples and a Journey to Iceland: Arla Skyr’s Immersive Campaign Delights Shoppers in UK’s Top Shopping Centres!”

Our task was to effectively distribute Arla Skyr Fruit & Oats samples and vouchers to shoppers in three major UK shopping centres: Lakeside, Newcastle Metro, and Manchester Trafford. The campaign aimed to boost product awareness, encourage voucher redemption, and drive future purchases. Additionally, it included managing a VR experience and a competition to further engage consumers.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted Shopping Centre Locations: Utilised high-traffic shopping centres to maximise visibility and reach a broad audience.
  2. Interactive Consumer Experience: Offered an immersive VR experience to shoppers, simulating a tour of Iceland, alongside a competition offering an all-expenses-paid holiday to Iceland.
  3. Effective Product Sampling: Distributed samples and vouchers to shoppers, coupled with key brand and product information to encourage trial and repeat purchases.


  • Comprehensive Staffing and Management: Provided full staffing support, including a dedicated event manager and brand ambassadors, ensuring efficient operation and quality interactions.
  • Bespoke Stand Construction: Designed and built a customised stand, enhancing brand presence and creating an appealing sampling environment.
  • Efficient Logistics Handling: Managed all logistics, including booking of space, transportation of chilled samples in a specialised vehicle, and storage solutions.
  • Close Third-Party Collaboration: Coordinated with shopping centres and other partners to ensure smooth implementation of campaign activities.
  • In-Depth Event Training: Conducted event-specific training sessions to equip staff with necessary product knowledge and customer engagement skills.
  • Engaging Multimedia Documentation: Created a bespoke online report, along with photography and promotional video coverage of the event, for a comprehensive campaign overview.


The campaign was highly successful, with 30,000 samples distributed and over 1,400 competition entries received. The unique combination of VR experiences, product sampling, and competition effectively captivated shoppers, elevating brand awareness and product interest. The efficient management and dynamic presentation of Arla Skyr Fruit & Oats not only enhanced the shopping experience but also solidified the brand’s position in the market as an innovator in dairy products.


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