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Transforming Festivals into Faff-Free Fun Zones: Cinch’s Spectacular Sponsorship Brings Ease to the UK’s Biggest Summer Events!

As the headline sponsor for several major UK festivals, online car supermarket Cinch aimed to embody their “faff-free” ethos, enhancing the festival experience for attendees. Our task was to provide comprehensive staffing solutions, ensuring smooth operation and exceptional guest service at each event.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Extensive Staffing Support: Deployed large teams of event staff at major festivals like Latitude, Creamfields, TRNSMT, and Isle of Wight, each guided by our expert Event Managers.
  2. Full-Spectrum Assistance: Offered a wide range of services, from helping festival-goers carry items to campsites and setting up tents to providing convenient lift services via branded golf buggies.
  3. Engaging Stand Management: Operated the main stand at each festival, creating an inviting chill-out zone, distributing drinks and merchandise, and managing competition sign-ups.

Festival Staff


  • Highly Experienced Personnel: Provided 480 staffing days across four major festivals, selecting candidates based on suitability and experience.
  • Expert Management Teams: Ensured efficient staff supervision and seamless collaboration with the on-site client team.
  • Comprehensive Brand Training: Conducted thorough one-on-one brand training with our in-house Staffing Department to align staff actions and interactions with Cinch’s brand ethos.


This campaign significantly enhanced the festival experience for thousands of attendees, embodying Cinch’s commitment to a “faff-free” ethos. From logistical support to creating memorable interactions, our teams went above and beyond to deliver a service that kept the festival spirit high. The combination of skilled management, dedicated staff, and seamless integration of brand values resulted in a successful series of events that left a lasting positive impression on all participants.


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