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Bringing the Brewery to the Boardroom: Camden Town Brewery’s Desk Beers Campaign

Our task was to execute Camden Town Brewery’s Desk Beers campaign, aimed at introducing their range of beers to office workers in Leeds and Manchester. The campaign’s goal was to drive interest and sales at nearby retailers, bars, and pubs, capitalising on the summer peak season.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted Office Sampling: Arranged to have our promotional staff visit 54 different offices, coworking spaces, and agencies to offer samples and spread brand awareness.
  2. Focus on Quality and Branding: Emphasised the quality, unique flavours, and varieties of Camden Town Brewery beers, complemented by engaging branding and messaging.
  3. Creating Relaxing Break Areas: Set up areas within offices where workers could take a break, enjoy a beer, and socialise after work, enhancing their connection with the brand.


  • Dedicated Event Team: Deployed a skilled team at each office in Leeds and Manchester, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence.
  • Extensive Product Distribution: Successfully distributed over 20,000 bottles of beer throughout the campaign, significantly boosting product exposure.
  • Efficient Stock and Team Management: Appointed a consistent Event Manager to oversee stock control and team coordination.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Planning: Managed all aspects of the campaign, from booking office spaces and conducting research to hosting training sessions at EXECUTIONAL HQ.
  • Logistical Support: Ensured chilled storage and logistics for beer and promotional items, along with 24/7 remote staff management outside live campaign hours.


The Desk Beers campaign was a standout success, introducing Camden Town Brewery’s products to a significant number of office workers in key urban centres. The combination of product quality, effective branding, and a unique approach to office sampling resonated well with the target audience, leading to increased interest and subsequent sales in nearby outlets. The campaign’s strategic execution and comprehensive planning played a crucial role in its success, leaving a lasting impression of the brand amongst office workers in Leeds and Manchester.


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