Crafting seamless festival experiences across multiple touchpoints, EXECUTIONAL’s team efficiently managed over 200 live shifts in three major Wireless Festivals in London and Birmingham.

A well-prepared team is key to successful event execution. We presented a staff portfolio to the client for approval, ensuring each member was aligned with the event’s objectives and atmosphere. After approval, the selected team received detailed training packs, and introductions to event managers, and underwent a thorough on-site induction process.

A team of staff working at Wireless Festival

Our team, supported continuously by EXECUTIONAL’s head office, adhered to a systematic check-in process via our staffing platform. This consistent support and organisation ensured the smooth operation of staff roles and responsibilities during the festivals.

Roles and Activities:

  • At the main entrances, our team welcomed attendees, distributing branded materials and setting the tone for an exciting festival experience.
  • Managing the VIP area at the Sound Tower, ensuring that VIP guests had an exclusive and enjoyable experience.
  • Operating a photo experience in a specially designed container, allowing festival-goers to capture and take home unique memories from the event.
  • Efficiency, organisation, and a hands-on approach defined EXECUTIONAL’s presence at the Wireless Festivals, contributing to the success and enjoyment of the events.


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