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30,000 Samples Per Event: Quorn’s Tasty Triumph at Queens Club and Beyond, Serving Up Meat-Free Delights to Health-Conscious Crowds

For three consecutive years, we have been tasked with representing Quorn at the Queens Club Tennis Championships and various other events. Our primary goal was to distribute 30,000 samples per event, encouraging trial and adoption of Quorn’s chilled and ambient products, particularly among sports and health-conscious audiences.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted Sports and Health-Focused Events: Chose events like the Queens Club Tennis Championships to reach audiences likely to be interested in healthy, meat-free alternatives.
  2. Engaging and Informative Sampling: Focused on providing an interactive and educational sampling experience, conveying the ethical, health, and environmental benefits of Quorn foods.
  3. Consistent Brand Representation: Utilised a range of branded campaign equipment to create an attractive and consistent brand presence at each event.


  • Comprehensive Staffing Solutions: Provided full staffing and 24/7 team management, including a dedicated event manager for each location.
  • Focused Training Sessions: Conducted event-specific training sessions in Leeds and London to ensure staff were well-informed and effective in their roles.
  • Branded Event Spaces: Equipped each event space with branded sampling trays, stands, bins, fridges, pull-up banners, and wall wraps for a cohesive visual appeal.
  • Efficient Logistics Management: Managed chilled storage and bespoke counters, along with a dedicated regional driver for logistics and stock control.
  • Event Documentation: Captured each event through photography and compiled bespoke online reports to assess performance and impact.


The Quorn sampling campaigns at various events, including the prestigious Queens Club Tennis Championships, successfully distributed tens of thousands of samples, significantly boosting brand awareness and product trial. The combination of strategic event selection, engaging sampling experiences, and robust logistics management ensured that the campaign effectively communicated Quorn’s commitment to delicious, ethical, and environmentally friendly food options. The campaign’s success in reaching diverse audiences underscored the growing appeal of meat-free diets and Quorn’s role in this dietary shift.


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