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Drive Consumer Demand For Your Product Or Service

For certain campaigns, our client’s request a specific aesthetic linked to the look and theme of the event or campaign they are running.

Whilst subtly different to that of a traditional modelling agency, EXECUTIONAL predominantly supply promo girls for the event and promotions sector. This means we see more value in the staff members than simply looks, as they are an intrinsic part of your customer communication.

Promo Girls | Promo Girl


Selecting The Right Promotional Model

Whether you’re looking for a promo girl with a health and fitness background to represent your brand at sporting events or a promotional model to tour the city sampling the latest FMCG products in shopping centres, we have the perfect candidate for your brand. We understand that sometimes the brand needs a particular type of person to help promote their products effectively. We can provide promo girls and guys with event experience. In addition we have a range of staff to suit a brands preference on gender, height, hair colour or any other attribute necessary to fit the required brand image.

We were pleased with the event and glad all the staff enjoyed it. We were incredibly happy with the four of them, they were really outgoing and proactive with getting people to the container. Hopefully, they enjoy the next event in a few weeks as well.


Promo Girl Roles

Our promotional models are used for marketing activity, taking the role of a brand ambassador interacting with potential customers of the brand they are representing. This could be a promotional event, trade show, exhibition or within a retail store where they are actively promoting your product or service.

Promotional Model

Briefing & Training

All models receive bespoke training in advance of their activity. This takes place in different formats depending on the complexity of the booking they receive. This can be a simple as a bespoke briefing pack, to an immersive brand training day. We aim to give the promotional models the tools to be able to answer questions, talk through marketing material and drive consumer demand for the brand they are representing.

We would like to thank EXECUTIONAL for great communication from day one and would love to thank all the the staff for their help they were very professional, timing was excellent and they did a fantastic job at our champagne tasting event at the Etihad football stadium.

Management & Accountability

Having operated a promo girl agency for over 14 years, we understand the need to be operationally available to our clients. For that reason we operate a true 7 days per week operational capacity, using our carefully honed staff management techniques to maximum performance. That means, regardless of day or night, weekday or weekend we are always available. Providing comfort that we are actively monitoring staff attendance and arrival times.