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Since 2007 EXECUTIONAL have been delivering in store product sampling campaigns across a range of locations, including department stores and supermarkets. In store sampling enables you to target at point of purchase, thus increasing sales and brand awareness.

In Store Product Sampling

In store sampling is designed to not only increase awareness of your product but to drive interest at the point of purchase and really drive sales at the selected stockists. By giving a hands on demonstration or tasting you not only increase awareness, but can drive social interaction including word of mouth and social media engagement. EXECUTIONAL can devise a  sampling campaign that does that. Implemented correctly, is creative and stands out.

How We Can Help…

Organise Space Management With All Major Multiples
Supply Experienced Event Managers
Provide Local Product Sampling Staff
In Store Product Sampling Scheduling
All Logistical Considerations
Provide Detailed On-line Activity Reports
Industry Leading Rates With No Hidden Costs Or Inflated Management Fees


What We Sample In Store…

Something which does not require special storage or preparation. Think packaged food products, newspapers, magazines, fragrances – the items that can be distributed in volume without needing complex setup or equipment.
Products that need the continuity of cold storage from production to recipient. Chilled drinks, yoghurts, protein shakes and the like. However, we can also prepare products that are stored frozen such as ready meals, pizza and ice cream.
We supply all of the equipment and consumables needed to prepare samples at your own food brand activation. Usually performed from a dedicated event space using a touring campaign kit such as a product sampling van or pop up event space.

Types Of In Store Samplers Executional Provide…



As with all our product sampling activities, EXECUTIONAL can plan every intricate detail of the campaign.

EXECUTIONAL are here to plan the elements of the campaign that matter, the branding, the sampling staff, the location selection and logistics that will make your in store product sampling campaign a success.


EXECUTIONAL operate an always available mentality. We are available and working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure your in store product sampling campaign runs like clockwork. We will speak to event managers and product sampling staff on a daily basis, speak with on-site contacts to ensure targets are being met, branded event stands are being displayed correctly and stock is replenished. Whatever is needed to make the campaign a success, we will do!

Detailed Reporting

EXECUTIONAL understands that feedback from a campaign is a crucial element. After every campaign we create a detailed reports that are easy to view and easy to share among your colleagues.

This report can contain a variety of information from customer feedback, photography (or even video) from the activity; we also work with the store directly to allow us to collate sales uplift data across the entire sampling promotion. This gives you the information you need to understand the success of the campaign.

Full Event Management

Being a full service agency, we can manage the whole sampling campaign for you. This is particularly useful when you are sampling in multiple locations and cities at the same time or during a roadshow

Our event team leaders also take on a staff management role. This ensures the team of samplers are meeting their key deliverables.

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