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Corona Sunsets Festival

Eco-Chic and Festival Vibes: EXECUTIONAL Lights Up Corona Sunsets with Sustainable Sparkle

During the iconic Corona Sunsets Festival, EXECUTIONAL proudly played an integral role in promoting eco-friendly initiatives while ensuring festival-goers had a blast. Our spirited team of brand ambassadors were stationed across the festival grounds, offering eco-friendly face glitter applications to enhance the festive spirit.

Equipped with sustainable glitter, gluer, hand mirrors, makeup brushes, and essential cleaning tools, our two pairs of roaming staff brought sparkle to attendees without harming the environment. But it wasn’t just about glitter; another brand ambassador was actively engaged with the photo booth, encouraging festival-goers to make a pledge by eco-friendly pasting their pictures to a special pledge wall.

Elsewhere, two of our versatile brand ambassadors floated between the screen print, body marbling, and tie-dye activations. They were pivotal in streamlining crowd flow and warmly welcoming festival attendees, ensuring everyone had a smooth and enjoyable experience. Looking to elevate your festival experience with dedicated staffing support? Reach out to EXECUTIONAL, where we bring the festival vibes to every event.


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