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For over 15 years, EXECUTIONAL has been a leader in providing exceptional promotional staff and expert project management for a wide variety of experiential marketing campaigns. As an experiential agency, we partner with brand marketing teams and their agencies to bring their brand experiences to life through our nationwide network of staff, production partners, and logistical expertise. 



STEP 1 | Campaign Visualisation

We come together to chat about your goals, aspirations, and the grand vision for the activity. With our collaboration, we’ll craft a fantastic EXECUTIONAL project concept. You’ll see a vivid, full rendering of the scene, complete with the placement of our staff/guests, event gear, and surroundings – all beautifully branded and meticulously detailed.

Experiential Marketing Campaign Visualisation

Step 2 | Procurement, Permissions & Logistical Fees

These practical details may seem like small pieces, but they’re actually critical for ensuring a successful event and avoiding unnecessary expenses on unimportant elements. We’ve got everything covered – from careful scheduling, smart route management, budget-friendly site fees, to smart vehicle and storage solutions.


The pivotal part of any experiential marketing or brand activation campaign is the team on the ground.
For over a decade, we’ve been a trusted partner for brands and their agencies, delivering top-notch staffing or adding extra support for their campaigns. Our handpicked Event Managers and Brand Ambassadors are the stars of every show, and we make sure they shine! They undergo a comprehensive pre-activity training program that equips them for success from the get-go.

   Event Managers

When the stakes are high and the event requires a large team of brand ambassadors, we bring in our seasoned event managers to lead the charge! Working closely with a team leader, our event managers have a wealth of responsibilities that span before, during, and after the event day. With their mastery of logistics and coordination, they handle the seamless setup and manage stocks, keep the promotional vehicles and campaign equipment moving, and take charge of the pulse of the event day by closely monitoring the performance of their team and celebrating its successes. They are the unsung heroes who make sure everything runs smoothly!

   Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors, or BA’s, are the shining stars of your promotion – the friendly faces that make a connection with your target audience. Working together in teams, under the watchful eye of team leaders and event managers, these lively individuals are the engines that drive your brand forward. Whether they’re introducing your product through product sampling, bringing your brand to life through activation, or representing your company as exhibition staff at a trade show or conference, they’re always ready to leave a positive impression. With their magnetic personalities, they create buzz by spreading word of mouth, sharing on social media, and building brand recall – always striving to surprise and delight your potential customers.

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