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Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Since 2007, EXECUTIONAL has been providing high calibre promotional staff and project management for a range of experiential marketing campaigns. We work as an experiential event agency partner for brands and their agencies to handle the doing side of campaigns. Establishing long term working relationships with some of our clients for over 10 years.

Campaign Visualisation

Experiential Marketing Campaign Visualisation

Whilst we are not a conceptual design agency, we often work closely with brands and their agencies to provide an end result of what the campaign will look like on the ground. It also allows our clients to mould the campaign and make tweaks and changes before the campaign is finalised.

Experiential Staff

The pivotal part of any experiential marketing or brand activation campaign is the team on the ground.
For over 10 years we have been working with either brands directly or their agencies in either a staffing only capacity or with additional campaign support. We handpick our Event Managers and Brand Ambassadors that take part in every campaign. Supported by a full pre-activity training programme to ensure they hit the ground running.

   Event Managers

Our most senior event managers are used where there is a large team of brand ambassadors working at a complex event. They work alongside a team leader, as the event manager usually has far-reaching responsibilities prior, during and after an event day. They are responsible for the complex moving logistics of setup days and stock management and take charge of the movement of promotional vehicles and campaign equipment. They also tend to the sensitive reporting requirements of an event day, accessing both the performance of their team and the success of the day.

   Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors, or BA’s, are the face of your promotion. Often working in groups overseen by team leaders and event managers, these are the people that engage with your target audience. Be that a member of our product sampling staff driving trial of your product, a promo staff member working as part of brand activation, or working alongside a customer as exhibition staff at a trade show or conference, their role is to actively surprise and delight potential customers by spreading word of mouth recommendation, social media sharing and brand recall.

We Can Help Further Too

As an events agency partner, we can help as much or as little as needed with the project. Either as a staffing partner, or full service including build, deployment, vehicles and all logistics. You can read more on our campaign equipment items here, but in summary:

Specialist Logistics & Storage

Whilst maybe not the most glamorous aspect of the campaign, having a tight handle on deliveries, sorting and stock management is key to delivering experiential campaigns, including frozen, chilled and ambient storage for all campaign fulfilment needs.

Promotional Vehicles

VW Camper

Eye-catching promotional vehicles including sampling vans, digital advans and promo pods, are all fully customisable and are built to bring a brand to life as a perfect accompaniment to outdoor advertising campaigns.

Event Marketing Trailers & Special Builds


Bespoke builds for touring campaigns which take in multiple locations across the UK. Trailers, specialist van conversions, experiential event spaces, even giant pieces of furniture!  We can take your concept and turn that into a fully functioning outdoor brand experience space driving huge brand awareness in situ or on the road.

Sampling Equipment

From our own bespoke range of EXECUTIONAL specification roaming sampling bins (for street marketing) with interchangeable magnetic branding, to fully branded usherette trays. We have all the ingredients for successful static and roaming outdoor marketing campaigns.

Branded Clothing & Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays

Be that a stand at a consumer or trade show, a pop-up in-store or even a shell scheme for a trade show. We can handle the production and installation of these items.

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