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Fueling Fitness with Fun: Arla Protein’s Energetic Sampling Campaign at Tough Mudder

Our mission was to represent Arla Protein at seven Tough Mudder events across the UK, targeting health and fitness enthusiasts. The goal was to distribute tens of thousands of samples, increase brand awareness, and attract new consumers to Arla Protein’s high-protein product range.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted Audience Engagement: Focused on fitness enthusiasts participating in Tough Mudder events, aligning Arla Protein’s products with the participant’s health and fitness goals.
  2. Dynamic Event Presence: Set up an interactive stand complete with a selfie area, fitness sessions, and engaging activities to attract and entertain event attendees.
  3. Brand Immersion Experience: Utilised yeti costume staff and other fun elements to create an energetic and memorable brand presence, fostering a lively atmosphere at the events.


  • Comprehensive Staffing and Management: Employed a dedicated event team with 24/7 staff management to ensure effective engagement and smooth operation.
  • Efficient Logistics Coordination: Managed all aspects of event logistics, including sample collection, storage, delivery, and equipment transportation.
  • Interactive Stand Setup: Created an inviting stand featuring a selfie area with an Everest mountain backdrop, fitness sessions, sample tasting area, and engaging activities.
  • Branded Materials Provision: Supplied branded clothing, sampling bins, and usherette trays to maintain a cohesive and professional brand image.
  • On-Site Campaign Support: Maintained an EXECUTIONAL head office presence on-site for immediate support and coordination, complemented by photography and bespoke event video production.


The Arla Protein campaign at Tough Mudder events successfully reached and engaged a significant number of fitness enthusiasts. The combination of targeted sampling, interactive activities, and vibrant brand representation resonated well with the attendees, leading to increased brand awareness and product interest. The campaign’s strategic execution, coupled with its focus on fitness and health, perfectly aligned with the Tough Mudder audience, making it a notable success in terms of both reach and engagement.


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