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Revving Up the Experience: 12 Staff Members Join Shell’s Stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Our task was to provide a team of dedicated staff to support Shell’s specialist personnel, including scientists and mechanics, at their bespoke experiential stand during the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019. The primary goal was to enhance attendee engagement and provide educational insights about Shell and its operations.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Interactive Stand Assistance: Ensured that our team assisted with various interactive mechanics on the stand, engaging visitors and enhancing their experience.
  2. Educational Engagement: Focused on educating attendees about Shell’s history, fuel production process, and other company-related information through interactive elements.
  3. Professional Event Documentation: Captured the essence of the event and Shell’s presence through bespoke professional video and photography.


  • Trained Staffing Provision: Deployed a team of 12 well-trained staff members for the duration of the 5-day event, ensuring knowledgeable and effective visitor interactions.
  • Continuous On-Site Management: Maintained a head office presence throughout the event for seamless management and support of the staff team.
  • 24/7 Staff Management: Ensured around-the-clock staff management, catering to any needs or challenges that arose during the event.
  • Event Video and Photography: Created a bespoke professional video and photography of the event, capturing key moments and interactions at the Shell stand.


The involvement of our team at the Shell stand significantly enriched the visitor experience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The staff members effectively communicated Shell’s key messages and engaged the public in educational and interactive discussions about the company. The combination of professional event documentation and hands-on assistance from our team highlighted Shell’s innovative and interactive approach to engaging with event attendees, making their presence at the festival both memorable and impactful.


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