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EXECUTIONAL was founded in 2007 and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of promotional staff, brand ambassadors, promotional sales staff and event staff. We operate nationwide, with 40 UK staffing hubs, offering a wide range of staffing solutions for multiple brands and agencies.

We believe in providing an amazing service, at a fair cost, with clear transparent quotations. If you are looking for a small team of promo staff or looking to find promotional staff for a long term campaign, talk to us.

Handpicked & Experienced Promotional Staff

All our UK promotional staff are employees of EXECUTIONAL, recruited, selected and trained for a specific upcoming role. We do not outsource recruitment, our in house staffing team carefully select only the best promotional staff to work in our 40 staffing hubs across the United Kingdom.

We control all aspects of their employment meeting all tax, insurance and pension stipulations required by law.


Competitively Priced Staffing Options

Our staff are broken down into three staffing tiers, separated by their experience and responsibilities:

Promotional brand ambassadors or BA’s are the face of your promotion and deliver a brand experience. They are the people that engage with your target audience at live events.

Their role is to actively surprise and delight customers by spreading word of mouth recommendation, social media sharing and brand recall.

They could be sampling staff driving trial of your product or a promo girl working as part of a brand activation. Our staff could work alongside you at corporate events, as part of your exhibition staff or at a conference conducting data capture.

Our Tier 2 level staff are placed when you need to find promotional staff that are experienced team leaders or specialist staff members.

Team leaders are used when there is a large team of promotional staff working in one location. Their role would be supervisory often working under the management of an event manager or client. They ensure the team are hitting their targets and provide management support on large events.

Specialist roles are when you need certain expertise or when a staff member has more responsibility during their day. They include:

  • Product demonstrators. The staff member has to be carefully trained and often requires some setup and store management duties.
  • Sales focussed or lead generator staff.

Our most senior promotional staff, event managers are used where there is a large team of brand ambassadors working at a complex event. They are usually paired with their own team leader, as the event manager usually has far-reaching responsibilities prior to, during and after an event day.

Duties include:

  • Responsibility for the complex moving logistics of setup days and stock management.
  • In charge of the movement of promotional vehicles and campaign equipment.
  • Tending to the sensitive reporting requirements of an event day, accessing both the performance of their team and the success of the day.

Promotional Staff

Industry Leading Promotional Staff

EXECUTIONAL has honed its skills and processes to ensure a high level of customer service. All staff are hand picked by our head office staffing managers and chosen specifically for their role.

We understand that staffing is not a one fits and all process, so we would not book seasoned promotional models for an outdoor leafleting role.

Bespoke Promo Staff Training

Once candidates are selected, we then take time to work with you to build a detailed briefing pack prior to any live event day. This is shared with staff a minimum of 48hrs before any live event.

The day prior they are taken through a telephone, web or video training call until we are satisfied they are ready for work.

For larger more complex activities EXECUTIONAL host face to face training days where the promo staff learn their role in a classroom environment.

Rigorous Attendance Procedures

We operate an always available mentality! As an agency with over 14 years of experience in promotions, we know the importance of closely managing promo staff.

For every single shift, we operate a check-in procedure, including weekends. 1.5 hours prior to the start of the event we require staff to confirm their attendance. So if they start at 6 am, they will be contacted at 4.30 am. We then require confirmation that they have arrived at the start of the shift.

Promotional Staff

Full-Service Staffing Agency

EXECUTIONAL can help with more than just staffing and having everything under one roof can really help produce a seamless campaign!

Take a look at our campaign equipment for more information or get a quote today.

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