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Southampton is a great location for a promotional campaign, with our staff working regularly in the city centre, around the University of Southampton, and everywhere in between, we can cover any activation you need, no matter where it is in the city.

Promotional Staff Southampton

   Event Staff in Southampton

We can provide event staff for your promotional event, exhibition staff for your trade show or event hostesses if you’re thinking of booking a slot at Southampton boat show. Our promotion and event staff have got all areas covered, so you can rest assured that they’ll be able to provide fantastic customer service and represent your brand with a smile no matter what tasks you need them to take on.

   Product Sampling Staff in Southampton

You might find our sampling staff in shopping centres such as Westquay or Marlands, your local department store, or even on the high street handing out samples of your favourite products from confectionery to perfume. We’re a promotions agency who offer a full implementation service, so it doesn’t just stop at staff, we can provide branded Campaign Equipment, book out space on your behalf and manage all of the logistics and behind the scenes work for you too!

   Staff For Experiential Marketing Campaigns in Southampton

When it comes to experiential marketing staff, we have a tiered system to ensure you have all the support you need. On a roadshow or largescale campaign, it’s important to have a strong team, usually consisting of an event manager highly experienced in leading promotional teams and activities, team leader to assist with logistics, and a group of brand ambassadors local to Southampton who know the city, and are confident in communicating with the public to get their message across!

   In-Store Product Demonstrators in Southampton

It’s likely you might find our Southampton staff working product demonstrators in the main promotional space in Westquay, or even inside stores like The Entertainer toy shop demonstrating how to use all kinds of products from the latest hair products on the market, to children’s toys! Our staff are trained to target customers who meet the brand’s demographic, and show them all the great things about a product through demonstrations to encourage future purchase.

   Flyer Distribution Staff in Southampton

Our brand ambassadors are used to making their way to high footfall areas throughout Southampton, be it outside the University, on the Royal Pier or in the main shopping areas. Leafleting is the perfect way to make face to face interactions with people who may be interested in your brand. There are no council restrictions on distribution in Southampton, which means all it takes is the right team of staff, and some great leaflets to get your distribution activity up and running!

Other Nearby Locations

Southampton is a great place for our promotional staff to work, with plenty of amenities nearby, however, our staff are familiar with travelling for work due to the nature of their jobs. This means they could work in nearby towns such as Ocean Village, Portswood or Nursling.

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    Becoming An EXECUTIONAL Staff Member

    We’re a promotional staffing agency that are always on the lookout for new stand-out staff members to join our team. If you’re interested in hearing more about promotional work in Southampton, check out our Staff Hub to find out more and join our promo staff Southampton team.