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We were tasked with distributing 100,000 samples around a number of London train and tube stations over a 2 day period. With 12 teams of staff per day hitting London at busy commuter times in the morning and early afternoon, thousands of samples per location were distributed in a short time frame.

Campaign Details

Promotional Sampling Bins

To promote Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso, our 12 teams of team leaders and samplers took to London train and tube stations to get iced coffee into the hands of commuters on their way to work. Handing out samples from fully branded sampling bins, each team had thousands to distribute per day. With 12 locations to cover, our team of dedicated delivery drivers arrived at every station at 7 am to offload sampling bins, branded clothing and samples for the staff members. After the morning rush, our drivers would return to their depot to reload and return to their location for afternoon sampling.

We provided 36 staff members per day to work over 2 days in busy Central London locations, as well as location mapping, full event logistics, storage and delivery of samples to 12 sites per day and provision of branded t-shirts and sampling bins.

What We Did

  • Full event staffing and 24/7 staff management
  • Bespoke location mapping
  • Full event logistics including 12 vehicles with dedicated drivers out in London for 2 days
  • Storage and movement of samples
  • EXECUTIONAL head office presence on-site on the day of the campaign
  • Photography and bespoke online reporting