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Product Demonstration

A team of product demonstration staff working for Worx
EXECUTIONAL are a product demonstration agency that specialise in the supply of product demonstrators and the associated equipment needed to make the product demo a success.

From retail staff, store staff and sales reps through to a fully managed roadshow involving promotional space, vehicles and equipment. 

Our Product Demonstrators

A product demonstrator working work a store staff member All our demonstrators are hand-picked for the campaign and need to show a working history demonstrating products to prospective customers. Depending on client requirements, we can match the look and feel of the candidates to your brand – allowing consistency across nationwide campaigns.

All the brand ambassadors are chosen based on having excellent customer service, an outgoing, engaging and charismatic approach. Our demonstrators aim to surprise and delight potential customers, be that in a retail environment, high streets, exhibitions, shows or as part of a touring roadshow.

Fully Briefed and Trained

In Store Product Demonstrations Our primary goal is to ensure that our sales teams are armed with all the tools needed to promote and talk about your great product or service. This will directly influence purchasing decisions and how successful they are in store.

There are a number of ways that pre-activity training can take place, this depends on the complexity of the product and how the demonstration will work on site. EXECUTIONAL advise our clients on the best format for the training. Such as face to face training sessions that include product demo videos, seeing the product in action and listening to clients briefs.

This way our teams get to learn about the types of products, any pain points and importantly how the product works. For simpler campaigns, where we can negate this requirement and product video or audio conferences can suffice.



  In Store Demonstrations

Without being too callous about the process, the aim of an in store demonstration campaign is to drive sales and generate qualified leads, however, that does not mean it has to be a hard sell. Through excellent communication skills and brand experiences, an in-store product demonstration should be a natural way for customers to experience a product or service.

A real time decision can be made which has been influenced by the knowledge of the demonstrator.

   Sampling Of A Product

Whilst you can read more about our product sampling services here, we understand that some product sampling activities require more than just giving away a sample and want to increase the customers browsing experience.

For that reason, many of the skills provided by our demonstrators can be applied to product sampling. Namely, where customers have a higher dwell time, or, for example, where a product needs to be cooked or prepared in front of the customer or larger audience.

   Leaving A Lasting Impression

Whilst boosting product sales and brand awareness on the day is a key focus for our promoters, we also leave a lasting impression with the consumer. This increases personal recommendations for a product, be that through word of mouth or social media.

If a product demonstration is based in store, then we are sometimes tasked to engage exclusively with store teams. That way, in the days and months that follow a demonstration, customers can still be guided to your product by the employees. 


Venue Management
In order for success, it is imperative that the venue or location is fully geared up for our visit.
For that reason, we believe, it makes sense to speak to the site days in advance to make sure they are ready for the day.

Aside from them being aware of the activity, it makes sense to ensure that there is ample space to set up and that they have stock of the product we are promoting. For that reason as part of our training, all our demonstrators are trained on the specific venue processes to ensure a smooth successful day.

Reporting & Photos

We offer bespoke reporting for every project we do. EXECUTIONAL will work closely with our customers to shape a reporting mechanic to collate customer feedback and all important improvement points to shape future demonstration days.

This comes alongside photography of the event day allowing the client to share photos internally or through social media. Shared either via a private reporting hub or as part of a post-campaign activity report.

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    The starting point for joining EXECUTIONAL is to create a portfolio in our online staff database. This is your chance to shine, so spend some time making this as great as possible. Up to date photos and detailed working experiences, all help your profile stand out to our staffing team. We hire product demonstration staff that have good work experience in sales, time management skills and are reliable.


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