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Sports Event Product Sampling
Target Fans And Participants During A Sports Event

Sports event product sampling targets fans and participants on their way to, during or leaving a sports event. It can also provide great branding opportunities too, by giving attendees branded materials that they use during the event increasing brand recognition and visibility throughout the day.

Distribute Your Product Samples At Sports Events…

Our experienced account managers will guide you through the process of planning a sports event sampling campaign. We not only provide campaigns targeting sports such as running, cycling, football, cricket and rugby, but sports events like colour runs and obstacle courses – in fact, any sports event that takes place in the UK.

We Can Provide Two Types Of Product Sampling:

Roaming product sampling teams

Can be used where you are looking for a high volume distribution based product sampling campaign, usually where the sampling needs little to no preparation (think breakfast bar, milkshake etc). The teams can circulate the event distributing samples to visitors throughout the sampling day.

Static product sampling

Is suitable for where the product being sampled needs preparation (think soup, cooked food etc). The product sampling will be based on a static promotional display or branded sampling vehicle which is fully self-contained and has a great scope for preparing fresh product samples. Our product sampling teams will pro-actively off samples to people as they pass the event product sampling stand.

What we do…

Experienced Product Sampling Staff
Comprehensive Briefing For All Staff
Organisation Of Official Permission Where Required
Sampling Permits To Stay 100% Legal
All Logistical Considerations
Detailed On-line Activity Reports
Industry Leading Rates With No Hidden Costs Or Inflated Management Fees

Planning Your Sports Event Product Sampling

Your sports event product sampling campaign will be presented in a fully itemised proposal illustration all staffing, setup and material costs. We will detail the locations and timings of the football, cricket or rugby grounds that we are targeting and why we targeting them on those particular days.

If you have a particular fixture in mind we can work with you and arrange the campaign around your chosen locations. We include all logistics, product sample stock, branded uniforms and promotional materials. We include everything within our detailed activity proposals.

Implementing Your Sports Event Product Sampling

We will select passionate sports fans to be part of your product sampling team bringing atmosphere and fun to the sampling team. All staff will be local and overseen by experienced event managers who are responsible for setup, staff management and breakdown of the event.

Reporting On Your Sports Event Sampling

Your account manager will discuss the best strategy for reporting on your sports event product sampling. Offering private online activity reporting blogs of detailed data matrix portals we will have a reporting solution matched to your needs.

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