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Meet and Greet Staff
Professional And Approachable Meet & Greet Staff
Meet & Greet staff welcome your visitors and are paramount to making the right impression on your guests. At EXECUTIONAL our staff know what is needed to make the right impression, from corporate events to informal functions.

Make The Right First Impression…

When holding an event or function the meet and greet staff can be the first thing your guests see, so shouldn’t they be the best? EXECUTIONAL provide the best, handpicked staff right across the UK and with a national staff database they will be local, reducing expensive travel costs. When you call, speak to your account manager and they will run through everything to make sure that your staff make the right first impression.

Meet & Greet Staff: How We Can Help…

Meet and Greet Staff Right Across The UK
Experienced In Delivering Amazing Customer Service
Detailed Staff Selection Process
Comprehensive Briefing Before The Event Starts
Staff Are Always On Brand & On Time
Cost Effective Local Staffing Rates

Each event is different and can require certain things from the meet and greet staff, do they need to be costumed, themed, a certain look, all male, etc. Let us know what you need and our regional staff managers will choose the most relevant, experienced meet and greet staff based on your requirements.

Detailed Briefing Packs

As the first point of contact, there may be directions or instructions that the staff need to present to guests, or they may need to only pass drinks to certain VIP guests. Whatever the brief you have for the staff, EXECUTIONAL is here to ensure all meet and greet staff are given the full brief. We will send through detailed briefing packs and speak to the staff before activity starts, so they can arrive at the event ready to work.

Rigorous Attendance Management

Whether the staff member is working alone or as part of a larger team managed by you. EXECUTIONAL are available 24/7 to ensure that our staff are online and on-time regardless of day or night. All our hospitality staff follow a sign-in process on every single shift they work, so EXECUTIONAL are aware and available to rectify a situation whatever it may be.

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