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Driving customer engagement and sales at every point of purchase

Since 2007 EXECUTIONAL have been sampling in supermarkets for a variety of customers and agencies. Working both in-store and on supermarket car parks across the UK. Our campaigns help your product stand out to customers and really drive sales. Talk to us today, to see how we can help.

Sampling In Supermarkets in-store or car park..?

Supermarket sampling is designed to not only increase awareness of your product but to drive interest at the point of purchase and really drive sales at the selected stockists. EXECUTIONAL can devise a supermarket sampling campaign that does that, not only implemented correctly (products cooked quickly and efficiently) but is creative and stands out at the supermarket.

There are different options between being inside the supermarket (on the product aisle) or outside the supermarket (in the car park), but with experience in both, EXECUTIONAL are there to honestly advise which they feel will be better for your brand and how we can help make the sampling campaign a success.

Supermarket Sampling: what we do…

Supermarket Sampling Scheduling
Supply Experienced Event Managers
Provide Local Product Sampling Staff
Space Management With All Major Multiples
All Logistical Considerations
Detailed On-line Activity Reports
No Hidden Costs Or Inflated Management Fees

💡 Planning Supermarket Sampling Campaigns

As with all our product sampling activities, EXECUTIONAL can plan every intricate detail of the campaign. We initially help you decide which supermarket sampling option works best for your brand, in-store or car park?

Sampling inside supermarkets offers the ability to be closer to the point of purchase, generally working on the aisle the product is sold it can help change consumers from purchasing competitors. But with limited branding opportunity, in-store sampling limits the brand awareness of the campaign. This is where experiential car park sampling benefits, it has the ability to really create a brand experience for your customers and can convince consumers to purchase who have never even tried a competitor.

Whichever option is chosen EXECUTIONAL are here to plan the elements of the campaign that matter, the branding, the sampling staff, the location selection and logistics that will make a supermarket sampling campaign a success.

⚙️ Sampling In Supermarkets Implementation

Decisions have been made on the type of supermarket product sampling campaign is to be run and planning is done, it is now time for the campaign to start. But you don’t have to worry about anything, as with the extensive experience EXECUTIONAL have in supermarket sampling campaigns; we are here to manage everything.

EXECUTIONAL are available and working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure our supermarket campaigns run like clockwork. We will speak to event managers and product sampling staff on a daily basis, speak with on-site contacts, ensure targets are being met, branded event stands are being displayed correctly and anything else required to ensure the supermarket sampling campaign (in-store or car park) is a total success.

📋 Reporting On Your Campaign

Once the campaign has finished, whether carried out in-store or car park, EXECUTIONAL understands that feedback from the campaign is a crucial element. This is why after every campaign we will create a detailed report that is easy to view and easy to share among your colleagues.

This report can contain a variety of information from customer feedback, and photography (or even video) from the activity; we also work with the supermarkets directly to allow us to collate sales uplift data across the entire sampling promotion. This gives you the information you need to understand the success of the campaign.

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