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Savour the Flavour: Debbie & Andrew’s Touring Retail Sales & Sampling Roadshow

Our objective was to manage Debbie & Andrew’s full-service experiential sampling campaign, touring a variety of indoor and outdoor events, exhibitions, and shows across the UK. The goal was to reach diverse audiences over six months, using sampling to entice purchases at promotional prices.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Nationwide Audience Engagement: Implemented a roadshow to connect with different demographics across the UK, offering a unique tasting experience to attendees.
  2. Self-Funding Activity Model: Utilised the sampling as a tool to encourage on-site product sales, creating a campaign that was self-funding through these sales.
  3. Quality Sample Preparation: Employed professional chefs to prepare food samples, ensuring consistent quality and a gourmet experience.


  • Comprehensive Sampling Campaign: Provided staffing, including professional chefs and a consistent event manager, alongside all necessary sampling equipment.
  • Logistical Management: Handled all logistics, both ambient and chilled, ensuring smooth operation from setup to execution.
  • Sales and Promotional Space Management: Managed all promotional spaces and event bookings, facilitating an effective and widespread campaign presence.
  • Retailing Support: Supplied all sales equipment and point-of-sale materials, enabling retailing directly from the stand.
  • Detailed Reporting and Feedback: Implemented a detailed web-based reporting platform to track sample distribution, sales information, and gather staff and public feedback.


Debbie & Andrew’s experiential sampling roadshow successfully created a widespread impact, reaching a variety of audiences across the UK. The use of professional chefs and a consistent event manager ensured high-quality experiences for attendees, enhancing brand perception and driving sales. The roadshow’s ability to evolve based on staff feedback and experiences contributed to its effectiveness, making it a self-sustaining and dynamic campaign that resonated well with the public.


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