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Helping Your Campaign Run Smoothly On The Ground
EXECUTIONAL recruit, manage and train all our own event managers allowing us to provide staff to be part of campaigns across London, UK and Northern Ireland, covering all major towns and cities.

Book experienced Event Managers in the UK

An event manager on your promotional campaign will help to improve the quality and management on the ground. They become a link between the EXECUTIONAL head office and the campaign in action. Taking on more responsibility than general promotional staff, they help to organise logistics, speak to key contacts, manage the promotional teams and ensure your campaign is constantly achieving its aims.

Looking For An Event Manager? How We Can Help…

Nationwide Availability
Experienced & Skilled
Detailed Staff Selection Process
Comprehensive Briefing For All Event Managers
Always On Brand & On Time
Cost Effective Staff Rates

Selecting Your Staff

EXECUTIONAL state of the art staffing database allows us to easily manage the selection process of our nationwide promotional staff. This means we can quickly and seamlessly filter our staff to narrow down who has the skills and experience to be the event manager on your campaign. Event managers require a certain confidence to to manage a campaign on the ground, and EXECUTIONAL ensure we select the person that fits that requirement.

Briefing Your Team

Before any event manager is ready to manage your campaign, they go through a full briefing on the brand and specific campaign aims. EXECUTIONAL have experience in providing briefings in a variety of methods; face to face training sessions, remote online training or comprehensive over the phone briefings. But whichever briefing method is utilised it is ensured event managers are given the details on your brand and promotional campaign required to make it a success.

Attendance Management

Although event managers are selected on their experience to run promotional campaigns on the ground, they are still fully managed by the EXECUTIONAL head office team. We will always ensure that our managers are online, on-time and ready to start your campaign. Regardless of the activity time or day EXECUTIONAL will speak to event managers the day before, hours before and during every shift they are part of. Being available to be in contact 24/7 means EXECUTIONAL head office can ensure the campaign is running smoothly.

Full Event Management

Being a full service agency, we can manage the whole event for you. This is particularly useful when you are promoting in multiple locations and cities at the same time.

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