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RAF Benevolent Fund

We provided local staffing support and event management for the Royal Air Force as part of their #AstonRed10 raffle campaign to raise awareness of and money for their Benevolent Fund – helping those serving transition from military to civilian life, and standing by them or their loved ones to support through the hardest times.

Campaign Overview

Building campaign & organisation awareness to drive raffle entries at a key London location.

RAF Case Study

We were tasked with providing a team of consistent staff to work at Canary Wharf, as part of their #AstonRed10 fundraising campaign. The team were fully trained by the RAF Benevolent Fund so that they understood exactly what their role is for returning RAF personnel. Being stationed around the car the team had an opportunity to approach any members of the public that were seemingly interested or that had stopped for a better look. With the nearby commuter links driving footfall into the area to make sure that the team could engage consistently throughout each day.

What We Did

  • Arrange face-to-face training with the RAF supplemented by EXECUTIONAL briefing packs
  • Full 24/7 management & on-site event manager handling daily cash deposits
  • Provided a consistent event team across the month of activity with a passion for the organisation & campaign
  • Bespoke reporting of staff & public feedback with event photography for content creation