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Sampling Staff

Are you organising your own product sampling campaign and only need sampling staff? EXECUTIONAL can provide sampling staff for sampling in shopping centres, train stations, city centres, roadshows and everywhere in between.

Need Sampling Staff?

There are occasions where our clients organise their own sampling campaigns and simply need a partner to supply sampling staff to implement their promotion over the activity days. EXECUTIONAL is accustomed to supplying staff for sampling campaigns across the UK – fully supporting your booking with detailed staff profiling, comprehensive staff briefing, and full staff management. Where required we provide detailed activity reports and photos from the activity to help you report on your campaign.

What’s included…

Staff Database Covering The UK
Experienced Staff
Detailed Staff Selection Process
Comprehensive Briefing For Samplers
Staff Are Always On-Time & On Brand
Cost-Effective Staffing Rates

Selecting Your Staff

To ensure the highest quality sampling staff our regional managers undergo a detailed profiling phase. During this phase, the samplers will be chosen on their experience, location and suitability to the promotion. This profiling phase includes checks such as food hygiene certification, experience and relevance to the campaign.

Briefing The Samplers

Correctly briefing and preparing your staff for their sampling role is incredibly important to the success of the activity. Before any sampling is undertaken our staff receive bespoke briefing packs giving a detailed overview of the brand that they are representing. Follow this through a combination of either; web, telephone or face to face training, each staff member is comprehensively tested before their first live day. We make sure they are ready to work when they arrive at your booking.

Managing Your Sampling Staff

Whether they are working alone or working within a large team overseen by one of our event managers, we will always ensure that our sampling staff are online and on-time regardless of day or night. All our samplers are required to sign in with us each day approximately 1.5 hours before their shift starts. They then sign into their shifts with our staff management team meaning we are always up to speed with staff arrival times.

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