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Movies under the open sky and a glass of ice-cold chocolate milk in every hand – the perfect pairing!

The Luna Cinema brings the great experience of watching a movie on the big screen to the outdoors. Travelling all over the UK, we sampled delicious Cocio chocolate milk to the many guests at these cinematic experiences.

Campaign Video

Campaign Details

Attending a plethora of cinema sites in and around the London area, all the way up to Yorkshire and the north, our logistics and management teams erected a branded stand to work from. This gave us maximum visibility ensuring that every attendee knew who we were and why were there.

The aim of this multisite activity was to get the product into as many consumers hands as possible. With a friendly on-site team in each location, managed by a travelling Event Manager who was trained in-house on all things brand-related, people got to taste the product whilst enjoying their movie.

Operating from the stand itself, and having staff roaming the site with branded usherette trays, our exposure was at a maximum, getting to have a conversation with 100% of the attendees. Alongside this, we distributed branded merchandise to the guests which gave them something to take away from the evening, leaving the event knowing all about the brand, and more to the point, getting to taste that chocolate goodness!

What We Did

  • 10 nationwide high footfall sites
  • Branded stand, sampling bins and uniform
  • Experienced, brand-trained Event Manager touring all events
  • Confident, communicative sampling team at each site to ensure all guests were reached