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A Nationwide Cinema Tour, Pairing Open-Air Movie Magic with Delicious Chocolate Milk!

Our campaign aimed to bring the delightful experience of Cocio chocolate milk to guests at The Luna Cinema’s outdoor movie events across the UK. The primary goal was to maximise brand visibility and ensure every attendee could enjoy this delicious beverage while watching a film under the open sky.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Strategic Site Selection: Targeted ten high-footfall sites nationwide, from London to Yorkshire, to maximise exposure and reach a diverse audience.
  2. Engaging Brand Presence: Established a branded stand at each cinema site to serve as a central point for product sampling and brand promotion.
  3. Interactive Guest Engagement: Utilised both static and roaming staff equipped with branded usherette trays to interact with and serve 100% of the attendees.


  • Consistent Branding Elements: Implemented branded stands, sampling bins, and uniforms to create a cohesive and noticeable brand presence at each event.
  • Expert Event Management: Deployed an experienced, brand-trained Event Manager to tour all events, ensuring consistent quality and effective team management.
  • Proactive Sampling Team: Staffed each site with a communicative and confident sampling team, trained to engage with all guests and offer a memorable brand experience.


This multisite activity successfully introduced Cocio chocolate milk to a large number of cinema-goers, enhancing their movie experience with a delicious treat. The campaign’s comprehensive approach, from visible branding to enthusiastic staff engagement, ensured that every attendee left with not just a taste of the product but also a lasting positive impression of the brand. The combination of enjoyable outdoor cinema and tasty chocolate milk proved to be a winning formula, significantly raising brand awareness and consumer appreciation.


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