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Running Towards Sun Safety: Riemann P20 Illuminates The Colour Run with Essential Protection Tips for the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet

Our objective was to build brand awareness for Riemann P20, a key sponsor of The Colour Run, by educating attendees on the importance of sun protection while being active outdoors. The campaign aimed to leverage the summer event to promote P20’s once-a-day sun protection products.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted Event Engagement: We chose The Colour Run as an ideal platform to reach a diverse audience interested in outdoor activities and family-friendly events.
  2. Product Education and Sampling: Focused on distributing samples and providing information on the benefits of P20’s long-term sun protection, particularly appealing to active individuals.
  3. Content Creation for Extended Reach: Developed social content to drive further engagement and product use beyond the event.


  • Local Brand Ambassador Teams: Deployed teams at three race locations – Wembley, Manchester, and Brighton – ensuring local relevance and effective engagement.
  • In-Depth Product Training: Provided thorough training to all team members on product knowledge to ensure accurate and convincing communication.
  • Brand Communication According to Specifications: Tailored messages to highlight key product features like long-term protection and once-a-day application.
  • Event Documentation: Conducted full event photography and reporting, creating valuable content for future client promotions and strategies.


The campaign at The Colour Run effectively raised awareness of Riemann P20 among a relevant and engaged audience. By focusing on the benefits of the product for an active lifestyle, the team successfully communicated the importance of sun safety. The sampling strategy, combined with the creation of social content, extended the reach of the campaign, leaving attendees not only with a memorable experience but also with valuable knowledge about sun protection. The diverse audience of The Colour Run provided an ideal setting to promote P20’s unique selling points, enhancing brand visibility and consumer education.


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