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From City Streets to Shopping Centres: A Plant-Powered Sampling Tour

Our mission was to introduce and promote a range of pea-based milk alternatives across the UK. The goal was to encourage as many people as possible to taste these sustainable, non-dairy products, broadening their acceptance and appeal.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Eco-Friendly Touring: Utilised an electric campervan for the tour, emphasising the environmental commitment of the brand and aligning with the green ethos of the products.
  2. Strategic Location Selection: Set up sampling stations in various high-traffic areas like UK high streets, shopping centres, and supermarket concourses to maximise exposure and reach a diverse audience.
  3. Engaging Product Sampling: Offered samples of milk and cookies made from pea-based milk alternatives, appealing to both existing non-dairy milk drinkers and new consumers.


  • Skilled Management Team: Employed a highly experienced event management team, thoroughly trained by the client to ensure in-depth product knowledge and effective communication.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Achieved substantial national reach by touring from the client’s head office through various parts of England, targeting different demographics in multiple shopping environments.
  • Flexible and Efficient Logistics: The branded campervan served as a mobile storage and stand unit, enabling swift and flexible movement across locations, and ensuring widespread product distribution.


This sampling tour successfully introduced the brand’s pea-based milk alternatives to thousands of consumers across the UK. The use of an electric campervan not only reinforced the brand’s commitment to sustainability but also allowed for efficient and adaptable operations. The campaign effectively expanded the product’s reach and visibility, paving the way for greater acceptance and consumption of plant-based milk alternatives.


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