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Three UK Reading Festival

Reading Festival: The grand curtain closer of our unforgettable four-festival tour with Three UK

As we concluded our exhilarating four-festival tour with Three UK, the renowned Reading Festival marked our triumphant finale. Our dedicated crew, honed by the previous festivals, showcased the exceptional VIP festival platform to perfection. This immersive space offered unparalleled views of the main stage, enriched by a host of complimentary services.

Three UK’s resident DJs ensured there was no lull in the music, filling the air with tunes whenever the main stage took a breather. Our attentive festival staff kept the festivities sweet, distributing complimentary ice cream to the delight of attendees. One of the highlights was the special Three Charging Area – exclusively for #ThreePlus users. This ensured not only that devices were kept charged but also that the festival spirit remained high as attendees had uninterrupted access to their digital world.

More than just ensuring comfort, our team played the role of festival guides, helping attendees navigate the grounds and encouraging them to capture and share their unparalleled experiences using #ThreePlus. Our execution resonated with Three UK’s vision and amplified the legendary Reading Festival vibe.

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