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From London to Birmingham: A Culinary Journey Through Street Food Flavours from Around the Globe

Our campaign’s objective was to bring the exotic flavours of international street food to the British public. Using a branded tuk-tuk, we aimed to capture the attention of consumers in three key UK cities, engaging them with the brand and its range of delicious products.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted City Approach: Focused on London, Manchester, and Birmingham, utilising local teams to maximise impact in each distinct urban environment.
  2. Branded Mobile Activation: Employed a branded vehicle and sampling bins for product giveaways and promotional material distribution, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.
  3. Cultural Immersion Experience: Enriched the campaign with dancers and musicians, creating an immersive and unforgettable street food atmosphere.


  • Widespread City Coverage: Successfully targeted three major UK cities, ensuring a broad audience reach.
    Dynamic Team Engagement: Deployed experienced, well-trained sampling teams in each location to interact effectively
  • with the public.
  • Consistent Brand Presentation: Utilised branded vehicles, sampling bins, and uniforms to maintain a cohesive and eye-catching brand image.
  • Efficient Logistics Management: Our in-house logistics team handled all aspects of transportation and resources, ensuring smooth operation and quick response to on-site needs.


This campaign was a resounding success, bringing a taste of global street food culture to the UK. The combination of delicious snacks, vibrant entertainment, and engaging brand representatives left a lasting impression on consumers, significantly enhancing brand recognition and appeal. The public’s enthusiastic reception and the campaign’s high footfall showcased the effectiveness of this unique approach, leaving participants with a memorable experience and a smile.


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