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EXECUTIONAL are always on the lookout for new individuals to join our promotions and event staffing teams across the UK. We have various promotional staffing and event staff roles across the country, including brand ambassadors, events assistants and event managers.


EXECUTIONAL work with well-known brands, agencies and event organisers. Take a look through our case studies to see clients we work with. We review all applications within 24-hours so no waiting around, and should we require anything additional from you, one of the friendly staffing team will be in touch. Once you have been approved you will have access to all our live jobs across the country, simply login to our staffing portal and start applying for the work.

What a great friendly team not a bad word to say about this agency thank you for all you've done for me ❤ - EXECUTIONAL Brand Ambassador

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Why register with EXECUTIONAL?

We operate from 40 UK staffing hubs from the tip of Scotland right down to the south coast of England and over to Northern Ireland. You can choose to search for work anywhere in the UK, or simply view part time shifts that are accessible from your home location.

Superfast, High Rates Of Pay

We operate a weekly payroll, so if you work with us between Monday and Sunday for one week, you will be paid the following Wednesday. EXECUTIONAL pay a minimum hourly rate of £12.50, with most jobs also receiving additional travel bonuses too.



What Are Events & Promotions Jobs?


What we mean by promotional work means is where you are promoting a particular brand, product or service. This may be in store, on location or touring around the country as part of a brand experience event. We provide a number of promotional services for our clients across the UK. This could include sampling staff for a product sampling campaign, product demonstrations within a retail environment. Dressing up as a costume character or mascot, or distributing leaflets or giveaways to customers across a range of locations. The roles are wide-ranging and varied depending on the campaign, however, we are always looking for new brand ambassadors and event managers to join our team.


Event work invariably means you will be assisting a business in making a particular corporate or public-facing event a success. Our clients often request our event staff for meet and greet roles, event registration or data capture. We also supply exhibition staff to work at consumer and trade focussed shows, alongside large teams of staff working at a music festivals. For the hospitality sector, we provide bar staff and waiters for corporate events.


Always Here To Help

With an extremely responsive staffing team, we always aim to respond to staff promptly. We are fully open 7 days a week and we are always here to support and assist whenever you are on a live booking.

I’ve worked for Executional for a few years now. They’re really supportive in every way and take time to get to know their staff. When staff are happy, they work efficiently! They run their business really professionally so people can trust in them to deliver. ❤ - EXECUTIONAL Brand Ambassador


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