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Thousands of Starbucks Chilled Classics Samples Distributed in Train Stations and Universities

We executed a promotional campaign for Starbucks’ chilled classics range, which is exclusively available in supermarkets and selected retail stores. We aimed to boost product awareness and drive sales by targeting university students and train station commuters across the country.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. University Campus Sampling: Targeted supermarkets based on university campuses to engage directly with students and encourage immediate sales.
  2. High Traffic Train Station Activation: Positioned at WHSmith in Victoria Station, one of London’s busiest train stations, to capture the attention of both weekday and weekend commuters.
  3. Dynamic Sampling Methods: Utilised a combination of branded stands and roaming usherette trays for sample distribution, enhancing reach and engagement.


  • Comprehensive Staffing and Management: Deployed experienced event managers and samplers, offering full event staffing and 24/7 management to ensure smooth campaign execution.
  • Logistical Coordination: Managed all logistics, including chilled storage, scheduled deliveries, and stock level management, using branded, chilled vehicles.
  • Branded Materials Provision: Supplied branded clothing, kidney sampling counters, wraps, usherette trays, and sampling bins to maintain a cohesive brand presence.
  • On-Site and Pre-Event Coordination: Maintained an EXECUTIONAL head office presence on-site and conducted calls to all stores to confirm activation dates, times, and manage in-store chilled storage.


This campaign effectively increased the visibility and sales of Starbucks’ chilled classics range. The strategic selection of locations, such as university campuses and a key London train station, ensured high footfall and targeted audience engagement. The combination of attractive branding, strategic sampling methods, and efficient logistical management resulted in a successful campaign, with thousands of samples distributed and a notable increase in product awareness and sales.


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