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An August to Remember: iWeekend’s Unmissable Promotion in Leeds & London with EXECUTIONAL

Throughout August, EXECUTIONAL was at the forefront of the iWeekend newspaper giveaway campaign, simultaneously making waves in both Leeds and London. Our team, easily recognisable in their branded T-shirts, effectively distributed newspapers and promotional leaflets from our custom sampling bins.

The promotional leaflets had a twofold advantage for readers: not only did they provide a complimentary iWeekend edition, but they also offered a week’s unrestricted access to inews.co.uk. The campaign concluded with a special offer for the audience: a 50% discount on iWeekend and idigital subscriptions.

EXECUTIONAL maintained consistent communication with our teams monitoring distribution rates and footfall. We had standby drivers in both cities ensuring a steady flow of newspapers to each distribution point. Team Leaders played a crucial role, continuously coordinating with drivers to maintain adequate stock levels.