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After what seemed like an eternity of lockdowns and isolations, Northern Rail wanted to promote people getting back out into the world for both personal and business travel. Using a selection of different brand engagement activities, we focused on numerous stations, towns and cities on their network.

Campaign Details

Starting in the summer and running a vast array of activities through until the end of the year, the main aim of these promotions was to give back to the customer, promote travel on the rail network and spread some cheer. Targeted cities included Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, York, Newcastle and everywhere in between.

Having numerous teams working in the varying locations, we used a perfectly situated ice-cream van and branded banners to give out hundreds of ice-creams to hot commuters in the summer months. We also attended rugby games with fun competitions that lured in endless amounts of attendees, and even distributed tasty warm sausage sandwiches and hot chocolates to both commuters in stations, and office workers at their place of work during the ice-cold winter days. These seasonal promotions were fantastic and so well-received by the public!

The competition mechanic was continued throughout with street teams roaming in and around many stations and city centres giving passers-by an opportunity to win free travel tickets and railcards. This, in conjunction with the promotion of deals and offers to get people back out there using the rail network really created a buzz for the brand.

What We Did

  • Supplied numerous local teams for each activity
  • Hit high footfall commuter areas in a wide range of locations
  • Distributed a vast array of giveaways and promotional materials
  • Achieved high figures of competition entries and collated customer feedback for the client