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Harvest Hells Lager’s Unique Mini-Tour: Swapping Cans for Cans, Camden Town Brewery Marries Tasty Lager Sampling with Charitable Giving

Following our successful partnership with Camden Town Brewery on a previous office sampling campaign, we were entrusted with managing the staffing, implementation, and logistics for the Harvest Hells Lager mini-tour. The unique “A Can for A Can” event aimed to engage the public in a charitable exchange, offering a can of Harvest Hells Lager in return for a food can donation.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Touring Event Spaces: Organised a week-long mini-tour across various towns and cities in the UK, using a dedicated event vehicle for transportation and setup.
  2. Charitable Exchange Concept: Implemented the “A Can for A Can” initiative, encouraging public participation in a charitable cause while promoting Harvest Hells Lager.
  3. Community Involvement: Engaged local communities by donating collected food items to nearby food banks, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to social responsibility.


  • Experienced Event Management: Utilised a dedicated touring event manager with a Personal Licence to oversee the tour and ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • Local Brand Ambassadors: Appointed local brand ambassadors at each event to foster a connection with the community and enhance engagement.
  • Efficient Stock Handling: Managed storage and handling of all beer stock and promotional materials, ensuring a smooth operation at each stop.
  • Campaign Video Production: Produced a bespoke campaign video within 24 hours of the event, capturing the essence of the initiative and extending its reach.


The Harvest Hells Lager mini-tour successfully combined product promotion with a meaningful charitable cause, resonating well with the public. The innovative “A Can for A Can” concept not only heightened brand awareness but also showcased Camden Town Brewery’s commitment to community welfare. The tour’s local focus, coupled with effective event management and community engagement, resulted in significant positive feedback and strengthened the brand’s image as a socially responsible entity.


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