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Permits & Permissions

In most UK cities, permits are needed for distribution of printed materials or sampling products on council property, for example, town centres and busy high streets.

How do I know if I need a permit?

Every city has different rules dependant on the council that runs it. This information can often be found on your council’s website. Some councils don’t allow distribution in their city at all. Others require permits, which range in price and can be purchased from the council website or by a phone call. Some councils simply need to be informed of your promotion beforehand but don’t require permits. If you are carrying out food sampling, this may require a further permit or request for permission, again dependant on the council.

We can converse with councils and apply for permits, purchase passes and arrange delivery/collection on your behalf. We already acquire permits for some locations, and if they are available on the date of your promotion, may be able to rent these to you to avoid the lengthy process of applying for new permits.

Promotional Space

Depending on what is needed from us as an agency, EXECUTIONAL can manage event space bookings or experiential event space across the UK. Having been running for over 10 years we have existing relationships with the main space management suppliers for event space booking at all key activity locations. We are used to booking event space within shopping centres, train stations, city centres, Universities as well as purchasing space within exhibitions, trade shows and consumer-focused events. If you do need help with this, just let us know and we can advise the best strategy for event space booking. Alternatively, if you have that handled already then no problem, we can simply help with making sure all the forms are completed and help with risk assessments etc.

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