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Revolutionising On-The-Go Dining: Shell Deli 2 Go’s Roadshow Transforms Fuel Station Fare

Our primary objective was to redefine public perceptions about the quality of food offered at fuel stations. By promoting Shell’s new Deli 2 Go range through a meticulously managed sampling roadshow, we aimed to refresh the Food Service Centre (FSC) brand and communicate the high quality of on-the-go options available at Shell filling stations.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Regional Sampling Teams: Deployed three dedicated regional teams at key Shell filling stations to engage directly with consumers during their daily commute.
  2. Quality Food Sampling: Offered samples of all-butter, hand-crafted Yorkshire pastries, showcasing the range and quality of Deli 2 Go products.
  3. Strategic In-Store Interaction: Positioned teams within the stores to ensure every customer could experience the revamped offerings, thereby reinvigorating the brand and encouraging purchases.


  • Consistent Nationwide Staffing: Engaged four teams of samplers working cohesively across the country for a month, ensuring consistent messaging and customer experience.
  • Live In-Store Demonstrations: Conducted live sampling of freshly baked pastry products, allowing customers to directly taste and appreciate the quality.
  • Effective Communication of Brand Values: Trained staff to articulate key product quality points and brand messaging, enhancing customer understanding and appreciation of Deli 2 Go offerings.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management: Handled full management of campaign staff, logistics, and all related elements to ensure a smooth and effective rollout.


This campaign successfully shifted customer perceptions about food quality at fuel stations. Through engaging interactions and delicious samples, customers were able to directly experience the superior quality of Deli 2 Go’s offerings. The roadshow not only boosted the FSC brand but also led to increased customer interest and purchases, showcasing Shell’s commitment to providing high-quality, convenient food options for people on the go.


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