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Event Support Staff
Organised and running an event? Need an event support team for meet and greet, directing attendees, cloak room management or serving drinks on arrival? EXECUTIONAL can provide experienced teams across the UK and Northern Ireland.


Great Rates…

All you need is an extra pair of hands to organise the cloak room, or to direct people where to go when they walk into the venue or event, this is where support staff can help. We look to only provide local support teams hugely reducing transportation and overnight costs meaning better rates for you.

Support Team

How We Can Help…

Nationwide Event Support Team
Experienced & Skilled
Thorough Selection Process
Comprehensive Briefing For All Teams
Always On Brand & On Time
Cost Effective Staffing Rate


Selecting Your Event Support Team

Having nationwide staffing capability with over 4000 staff allows us to quickly and seamlessly profile and select candidates for your activity. We have invested heavily in having a state of the art database to manage our staff. Meaning we are able to provide amazing staff quickly, efficiently and with a competitive rate.

Briefing Your Team

EXECUTIONAL understand that you need your staff to be ready for work when they arrive so we make sure they fully understand their role. As part of every campaign we run, all staff receive detailed instruction packs and are briefed in advance by their regional staff manager. This includes briefing the support staff on where to go, what to wear, time to arrive and who to speak to when they arrive.

Event Support Team Management

Along with selecting, booking and briefing EXECUTIONAL see staff management as part of the supply process. All our team members must sign in with their regional managers 1.5 hours before each shift starts (day or night, week or weekend). This way we are completely in control of the staffing process day to day.


Full Service Agency

Being a full service agency, we can provide: 

Our team leaders also take on a staff management role. This ensures the team are meeting their key deliverables.

Event Support Team Logistics

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