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SIBA at The Great British Pub Awards

🍻 “Pouring Passion into Every Pint, SIBA Illuminates the Future of British Brewing!” 🍻

Celebrating the craftsmanship of independent brewing, the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), took a proud stance in sponsoring a bar at The Great British Pub Awards. Esteemed for representing over 825 independent craft breweries since 1980, SIBA elegantly served winning beers from various competitions, uniting enthusiasts and brewers alike under a banner of exceptional British beer. Expertly manoeuvring the bar, our event staff seamlessly ensured a flow of splendid beers, managing keg changes, and guaranteeing a perpetually pristine environment, thereby echoing SIBA’s dedication to quality and the vibrant future of British brewing. The event beautifully melded tradition and innovation, serving not just beverages but a rich experience, steeped in the passion and quality assurance that SIBA embodies.

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