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RE-WATER at Lunch! 2023

đź’§ “Sipping Towards Sustainability with Every RE-WATER Bottle!” đź’§

RE-WATER made a splash at Lunch! 2023, the exclusive trade show amalgamating the entirety of the food-to-go industry at ExCeL London, this past 27-28 September. Introducing the world’s first bottle of its kind, RE-WATER brings forth a 100% recycled aluminium Spring Water bottle, championing an eco-conscious alternative to single-use plastic and aligning with modern sustainability efforts. The bottle, sourced and filled with pristine British Spring Water, not only promises an endlessly refillable solution but also ensures the longevity of coolness and freshness for its contents.

With an established presence in reputable UK venues, RE-WATER gleamed as a beacon of sustainable hydration solutions at the event. EXECUTIONAL staff, adorned in smart, branded attire, navigated the stand’s operations, offered product samples, and engaged with attendees, ensuring the stand was a wellspring of activity and information.

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