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Great Western Railway Digital Ticketing

🚉 Enhancing GWR’s Digital Journey with Our Expert Promotional Team 🚉

Navigating through a pivotal transition to digital ticketing, Great Western Railway (GWR) sought our promo team’s expertise to illuminate the pathway for millions of travellers, melding convenience with sustainable practices. Our proactive promotional staff harmoniously blended into the bustling atmospheres of selected stations, including Exeter St Davids & Exeter Central, Gloucester & Cheltenham Spa, Didcot Parkway & Oxford, and Penzance & St Austell, becoming beacons of information and assistance.

“Empowering GWR’s digital transition, our team became the vital link between technology and travelers, ensuring every journey begins with a smile and effortless ticketing.”

In each paired station, our staff were entrusted with not merely distributing flyers but transforming each interaction into a memorable, educational moment. Guiding passengers in scanning QR codes, exploring GWR’s digital platforms, and unravelling the many perks of digital ticketing, our teams unfurled the seamless tapestry of benefits – from the tangible (such as skipping queues and enjoying loyalty rewards) to the intangible (embracing a greener, more efficient travel experience).


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