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Cheers to Success: Sampling Over 500,000 Festival-Goers, Russian Standard Vodka Elevates the Edinburgh Fringe

Our goal was to enhance the visibility and appeal of Russian Standard Vodka during the Edinburgh Fringe, one of the world’s largest arts festivals. By engaging directly with over 500,000 attendees, we aimed to refresh their perception of the brand and product, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted Sampling: Positioned our brand ambassadors in George Square Gardens, near Russian Standard Vodka’s pop-up bar, to offer samples of the delightful Russian Mule cocktail.
  2. Engaging Festival-Goers: In addition to sampling, our team hosted games of Rebel Bingo, adding a fun and interactive element to the campaign, especially during the frequent Scottish summer rains.
  3. Extended Presence: Ensured a consistent brand presence throughout the festival from 4th to 29th August, maximising engagement and sales opportunities.


  • Specialised Staffing: Employed fully briefed and trained sampling staff with Food Hygiene Level 2 Qualifications, ensuring quality and safety in product handling.
  • Effective On-Site Management: Provided an on-site event manager to oversee the campaign, ensuring smooth operation and staff coordination.
  • Sales-Driven Sampling: Distributed thousands of product samples, which effectively drove sales of cocktails at the on-site bar.
  • Campaign Documentation: Captured the campaign through photography and compiled a bespoke online report, providing valuable insights for future initiatives.


The Russian Standard Vodka sampling activation at Edinburgh Fringe was a resounding success. By strategically engaging with festival-goers, we not only elevated their experience but also significantly boosted the brand’s visibility and sales. The combination of high-quality product sampling, entertaining activities, and proficient staff management resulted in a highly effective campaign, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and reinforcing Russian Standard Vodka’s position as a premium brand.


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