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Dive into High Wycombe’s Boost Iced Coffee Stop: Where your perfect blend awaits

In a lively event in High Wycombe, Boost Iced Coffee made a splash with its irresistible caffeine hits. The “Boost Iced Coffee Stop” was all the buzz, offering residents the perfect blend of Robusta and Arabica beans, sourced directly from Brazil and Vietnam. As the day unfurled, we stationed two vibrant Iced Coffee bins for easy distribution, ensuring a seamless flow of chilled coffees from our refrigerated van, manned by our chilled logistics support.

Guests were not just handed their drinks – they were celebrated, with our energetic sampling team emphasising how each individual had truly earned their delicious coffee. For a savoury twist, guests were directed to our bar where Wenzel’s treats awaited. All these, backed by top-notch equipment, branded sampling bins, and spirited barista-style aprons, created a memorable day!


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