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Promotional Clothing

A staff member wearing promotional clothing

We provide a wide range of fully branded promotional clothing options perfect for any promotional event or marketing campaign. Our clothing range is huge, and we can embroider or print on anything from promotional t-shirts and polo shirts, to sweatshirts and hoodies. Our clothing items are made from high-quality fabrics and can have logos or artwork added anywhere on the clothing. You can choose between print and embroidery as your options for how your logo will be presented on your promotional items.

Getting Noticed In Promotional Clothing

Branded clothing is the perfect way to make promotional staff stand out from the crowd and look like they belong to your brand. Seeing staff members wearing a uniform makes customers confident that they are speaking to someone with extensive brand knowledge and can increase customer service experiences greatly. It also makes staff members look professional and makes them easily identifiable for customers to catch their attention when needed.


Our Range Of Promotional Clothing

Our promotional clothing offering is almost never-ending. We can have almost any garment branded whether that be a simple branded t-shirt or a three-piece suit. The most popular items that our clients come to us for branding are printed t-shirts, hoodies, jackets/fleeces and trousers.

Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is the most popular of all our promotional products as it is reusable, inexpensive and a fantastic way of implementing brand logos into an event even if there is no physical space to use for further branding, for instance on leafleting shifts. When leafleting in city centres, there is often no base with a branded stand or a pull-up banner, so the only way of showing that your brand is present is through clothing on our brand ambassadors backs. This makes passers-by much more likely to engage if they see immediately that it’s coming from a person representing a  trusted or well-known brand.

Promotional Clothing

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