Seamless Excellence: Delivering World-Class Staffing and Logistical Support

Our objective was to provide exceptional staffing and logistical support for a TED conference, ensuring smooth and efficient operations throughout the event. We focused on selecting highly rated staff with significant conference experience, under the guidance of an experienced event manager from EXECUTIONAL.

Pre-Event Strategy:

  1. Selective Staff Recruitment: Handpicked our top-rated staff to ensure the highest quality of service and expertise for the conference.
  2. Comprehensive Virtual Training: Conducted virtual training sessions to familiarize staff with the event’s specifics and instil TED’s core customer values.
  3. Proactive Health Measures: Provided lateral flow tests for all staff members, exceeding health guidelines, to ensure safety and well-being during the event.

Live Event Execution:

  • Efficient Registration Management: Operated the registration desks each day, offering a seamless check-in experience for delegates.
  • Active Event Support: Provided hands-on assistance and guidance to delegates, enhancing their overall experience throughout the event.
  • Dedicated Event Manager Oversight: Ensured effective team coordination and problem-solving with an experienced event manager overseeing operations.
  • Supporting Logistics: Additional Driver/Runner Provision: Supplied a driver/runner with a vehicle to assist with the daily setup and collection of important conference materials.
  • Seamless Material Handling: Managed the transportation and handling of conference materials, contributing to the smooth flow of the event.


The TED conference benefitted immensely from our meticulous staffing and logistical support. Our team’s professionalism and proactive approach ensured that every aspect of the event was managed efficiently, from registration to delegate support. The additional logistical support facilitated the seamless flow of materials and overall event setup. This comprehensive approach not only upheld TED’s high standards but also contributed to a successful and memorable conference experience for all participants.


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