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Spreading the Word with Wellness: Ongoing Store, Event, and Show Support Across the UK for Edgard & Cooper’s Healthy Pet Food Range

EXECUTIONAL has been providing brand ambassadors and sales-focused demonstrators to support Edgard & Cooper in enhancing their brand awareness and boosting sales across various locations in the UK. The campaign aimed to engage consumers at events, shows, and in-store, promoting the health benefits of the Edgard & Cooper range and facilitating sales.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Versatile Event Participation: Participated in a variety of settings including the NEC, local festivals, and county shows, to reach a diverse audience.
  2. In-Store Demonstrations: Conducted in-store sales demonstrations at Pets At Home stores, introducing customers to Edgard & Cooper’s newly listed range.
  3. Sales and Education Focus: Balanced the provision of product samples and education on healthy ingredients with active sales support, offering show deals and assisting with transactions.


  • Skilled Brand Ambassadors: Utilised local brand ambassadors or a core team of staff members trained specifically in Edgard & Cooper products.
  • Pre-Activity Preparation: Organised training calls or meetings to ensure staff were well-prepared and knowledgeable about the products.
  • Continuous Operational Management: Provided 24/7 management of the field team to ensure smooth execution of all activities.
  • Prompt Reporting: Delivered comprehensive post-activity reports and photos to the client within 24 hours of each event or demonstration.


This ongoing campaign has successfully raised the profile of Edgard & Cooper across the UK. Through engaging demonstrations and effective sales strategies at events and in stores, our teams have significantly increased consumer awareness and interest in the brand. The campaign’s emphasis on educating consumers about the health benefits of the products, coupled with efficient sales support, has fostered both immediate and long-term sales growth for Edgard & Cooper.


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