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Boost Energy Sampling Team & Sampling Bins

Boosting the match-day experience at LUFC, we delivered a refreshing sip of Boost Drinks for every fan.

Our team was thrilled to support the Leeds United sampling activity, enhancing the match-day experience for all the devoted fans. With Boost Drinks, a key sponsor of LUFC, we joined forces to bring a uniquely engaging and refreshing event to life. Our skilled brand ambassadors, alongside a talented freestyler, encouraged fans to try out some cool tricks and skills, while also ensuring that everyone got a revitalising Boost drink to quench their thirst.

Moreover, to handle the high volume of samples, we created customised, efficient, and easy-to-handle sampling bins specifically for Boost. The event was an absolute success, a vibrant testament to Boost Drink’s ongoing commitment to energising the LUFC community.