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Takis Sampling Activation At NASS Festival

Bringing the Heat: Takis and our team turn up the intensity at the latest event, creating unforgettable moments

We recently had a blast teaming up with Takis, the global snack brand renowned for its intense flavour and heat! At an event full of fun, excitement, and of course, snacks, our staff were at the front and centre of the sampling action, delivering an immersive experience to the festival goers. Our team encouraged visitors to make lasting memories at the two selfie walls, urging them to share their intense experiences with the world via #takischallenge.

But that’s not all! Our staff also ran a thrilling game, adding an element of surprise to the day. Visitors had the chance to win prizes ranging from a bag of Takis to wristbands and sweets, all based on the luck of their token draw. It was a fantastic day full of intensity, just as you’d expect from a brand like Takis!