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Northern x Super League Magic Weekend

Northern x Super League Magic Weekend

Injecting joy, challenge, and rewarding sweet victories, we transformed Magic Weekend into a delightful spectacle of ‘coconutty’ fun and games!

In collaboration with Northern’s ‘Go Do Your Thing’ campaign, we put a fun spin on Magic Weekend by introducing a coconut shy game that had attendees on their toes! To add a touch of sweetness to every effort, every participant, regardless of their performance, received delightful treats from our hundreds-strong sweet stash.

We spiced up the competition with tiered challenges. Children aged 12 and under who knocked off all five coconuts from the first two vinyls, using wooden balls or mini rugby balls, were awarded one of our 50 rugby balls. Meanwhile, adults who were brave enough to take on the furthest vinyl with bean bags and succeeded in hitting all five coconuts won a rugby ball too.

Eight special Magic Weekend Rugby balls were kept aside for those whose attempts left us in awe. These were a limited edition and were awarded at our discretion, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. And of course, the biggest catch of the day – a signed shirt was up for grabs for those who signed up for our competition.


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